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If you have any questions about Facebook Hacker, or want to report some problem/bug you have found, do not hesitate to contact us.
E-mail us to:

We normally reply in 36 hour period. Depends how we are busy. Please stay patient.

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You can message us for whatever questions you want, but in 99% cases people contact us with questions related to our software and here are main topics why we get contacted:

1. Will I get caught when using your application?
You won't. Our software has special auto-updating proxies so it hides your real location and even if someone who is skilled in web security field tries to track you down he will failed in doing it.

2. Is it illegal to use Facebook Hacker?
It is not illegal if you use it for recovering your lost or forgotten password. However it is illegal if you use it for hacking someone's else account. But this is why we made "Clear Cookies" and "Use Proxy" options.