To hack Facebook account, you can choose between several Facebook hacking methods known on the internet. We are going to describe you each of these methods in detail here on blog, so make yourself comfortable and keep reading :-)

Hack Facebook with Phishing

What is a Phishing? It's a way of hacking where a hacker tricks his victim by making him/her login to a website which is made to look identical to the legitimate one. After a victim login, this fake website will acquire his information (username and password) and send it to a hacker.

facebook phishing

To successfully hack Facebook profile with a phishing method, you need to deceive your victim with your social engineering techniques to make him login to your Facebook phishing page you have made. The most used method to trick someone with a phisher is to act like an administrator and tell him/her to due to security reasons he/she needs to login to a certain page to keep his/her account active; or something similar like this. These kind of messages are often being sent by emails which names looks similar to legitimate ones like admins have. Or if it's about Facebook phishing, they're being sent from fake Facebook accounts which are made to look credible.

How to protect against phishing?

To protect your Facebook account against hacking with a phishing, you just need to be wise and look carefully in the domain URL which has been sent to trick you. If it's different from official domain of legitimate website then it's probably a phisher; Example: The domain of legitimate website is always the same. It doesn't matter if you are on home page, contact page, login page, or any other! Remember that. It always starts with "" (Or 'org, net, info' etc.). So if you notice the domain name is different from official one, do not login!

Note: Your account password strength will not help you when it's about hacking with phishing! It doesn't matter how strong your password is, if you type it to a phisher login page, a hacker will get it and be able to see it very clearly. So be smart and watch carefully who to trust and a domain where you login!

Hacking FB account with guessing a password

You won't believe, but this also happens. To hack someones Facebook account by guessing their password you need to be very close to him/her; Known their personality, favorite music, singers, movies, actors, their hobbies, activities, friends, sympathies etc. Then go to FB login page and guess their password by all these characteristics above.
Obviously, if they are smart enough they won't use such an easy password with one word. But who knows. Miracles happens :-)

Using a Keylogger

To hack Facebook password with keylogger, first you need to know what keylogging means (For those who don't know).

keylogging password

So, a keylogging is the action of logging (or tracking) the keys pressed on a keyboard, typically in a hidden mode so that the person using the keyboard is unknowing that their actions are being monitored.
There are two types of keyloggers; A hardware based, and a software based keyloggers.
Here we will talk about a software-based keylogger only.
A software keylogger program is made of two parts: A builder (part one), which is used for making a server (second part, which needs to be injected to a victims machine). With a builder we decide where we will recieve the log files logged with a server. We can receive them in a form of text file (.txt) to a FTP account, or in a form of email to our mail account. Also, we can put the interval how often we want to receive the logs, and many other features.
So after we made a server file (server.exe), we need to send it to a person of whose we want to hack Facebook account. Here we needs to trick them and tell that a keylogger is some good .mp3 song or a crazy picture you want to show them. Use some of social engineering skills for this. Also, rename your server.exe file to "the-name-of-song.exe" or something similar. The extension ".exe" can't be changed because this is an executable file (a program). But you can use a tool called Binder to bind an .exe file with an .mp3 for example and when your victim opens this binded file it will run both of them on their PC.
You can download a good Binder and a Keylogger below. Keep in mind that these are hacking applications so antiviruses software will detect them as a malware because they are used for spying people. So while using a keylogger, temporary turn of your antivirus else it will detect it and delete it.

keylogger download

* Use for educational and personal purpose only! will not be responsible for any irregularly usage of these programs.

Hack Facebook accounts with RATs (Remote Administration Tools) / Stealers / Trojans

You can also hack Facebook accounts with programs such as RATs, Stealers and other trojans. All of these needs to be injected in a victims computer if you want to hack with them, like hacking Facebook with a keylogger, you spread them with same methods; tricking a person which you want to hack with some of social engineering skills, just like in a topic above.

hacking facebook accounts

RAT (Remote Administration Tool): The most popular ones are DarkComet, BlackShades, CyberGate, Poison Ivy, Spy-NET, ProRat.
Stealers (As their name says) steals your victim's saved password from their web browsers. So if they saved their Facebook password, a Stealer will write it and send it to your email or your FTP account, depends on what you put in the options.

Using a Facebook Hacking Software

This is the newest and most promising method to hack Facebook password nowadays. It also takes less time and effort amongst all other Facebook hacking methods on the web.

facebook hacking software

The bad side here is that the internet is full of fake Facebook hacking programs which can't do nothing or will just infect your computer with all kind of malware. But you don't need to worry about that because you are on the right place. Our website represents a top leading Facebook Hacking Software on the internet with a hundred percent support! Our team has been working on a Facebook Hacker for three years already, and we came up to a version 2.8.0 by now.

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